Experiences From People Who Use Photonic Therapy

"The ability of the red light to arrest hemorrhage is so effective it is spooky. While doing a mega clear-up prior to incarceration in hospital and home, produced a severe gash on shin, which almost apologised for thinking of bleeding in the first place. Corrugated blade on mandolin did good hole in finger, but bleeding only momentarily brisk, but though I have been prodding it vigorously to test efficacy, it just will not bleed. Very exciting." Pamela (USA).

I just wanted to let you know how my horse is doing. She is no longer with hospice. She is taking classes to get into nursing. She hasn't had a flare up in 2 months, whereas previously she was having those every week and it would last 2 - 3 days. I am eternally grateful for your help. God bless. Margaret. (Florida USA)

Update from Texas regarding a dog with Glaucoma - vets wanted to remove one eye now, and the other one next year, when they thought the dog would be totally blind: 21st September 2009. Stripe is on your maintenance schedule, no pain and full sight in good eye. He is just fine and I thank you for that. I told his vet about you. I wonder if he will ever contact you. I used the light on my wifes varicose veins, which have reduced in size by about 60% and her 2 year long constipation problem has been resolved. Thanks. Bob (Texas, USA)

I had knee surgery and they replaced half of one, and a nosocomial infection followed, burning out all the vein valves in the lower leg. I had leg pain and a limp for 2.5 years, and was on massive doses of pain meds, until a very savvy veterinarian (Dr. T C) introduced me to the photonic therapy light. He did one 14 point and ring the dragon therapy session, and next morning I had a balanced gait! after M-W-F non-invasive therapy treatment I was without pain. It is now two years later, I have been off meds since the first treatment, the pain has not returned. Thank you for the photonic light.

I just had to let you know how Robbie is doing. He is the Boxer I told you about that was in trouble for biting a dog, and its owner. On Wednesday evening after your treatment, I had a seminar at work. The room was full of about 40ish people, the ceiling fans were on because it was so stuffy and warm. When Dawn came she didn't want to bring Robbie in as she said he would never cope with that many people. He was frightened of men, and the ceiling fans would send him up the wall! Anyway she did bring Robbie into the room and he was so good, he walked around off-lead snoggling people, he let people stroke him, even men, he didn't even notice the ceiling fans. No one could believe that he would have reacted so differently before the photonic therapy! There wasn't a dry eye in the room, it was a truly beautiful moment! Thank you so much for bringing photonic therapy into my life! Not only does it heal physical pain as you explained but also mental problems. (Lynne, UK)

We own a six year old Golden Retriever named "Jake". Before he was a year old he began having seizures of unknown causes. After years of varieties of medications and dosages our veterinarian Brad Roach guided me to the "torch" to use on Jake. It has been a God-send answer to my dilemma of treatment for him. I find the torch to be extremely user friendly. I give Jake meekly treatments of the 14 standard points plus the seizure points. It has allowed me to significantly decrease his daily dosage of Phenobarbital and potassium bromide. The best thing is that the frequency of seizures has greatly decreased. In addition, with the smaller dosage of medication there has not been any major organ damage as a result of recent testing. Another thing I am very grateful for is that I can use the torch on Jake at the time he is having a seizure to quickly end the event. I am so very appreciative of a safe and simple method for treating Jake's disorder. Thank you for the help you have brought to a member of our family.
Sincerely, Debbie

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